Solid Design Solutions

June 2015 to Present

Designed and developed products for consumer, automotive, medical, aerospace, and wildlife industries

Designed tamper resistant connector for automotive diagnostic product

Developed consumer-activated bottle assembly for distilled spirits industry

Software: Solidworks


June 2011 to May 2015

Designed electromechanical subassemblies and accessories for Class II ventilators for the Respiratory Technologies division

Led mechanical development of next-generation ventilator to comply with future usability requirements and international safety standards

Software: Solidworks

Dakota Digital

February 2009 to June 2011

Designed instrument gauges and sensors for motorcycles, classic cars and trucks

Led cross-functional team through launch of new product line of classic car gauges

Received magazine features and awards from major auto shows, including Good Guys and SEMA

Software: AutoCAD, Solidworks


Brew Muse

Aug 2012 to Present

Founded upstart company for the beer, coffee, and wine community

Published content hub website on history, classification, brewing, serving, and glassware for beer, coffee, and wine

Invented Beer Stones, applied for utility patent, and successfully funded Kickstarter campaign

Launched iPhone app for understanding beer styles


South Dakota State University

Fall 2003 to Spring 2008

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering - 3.455 GPA

EM 215 Dynamics, EM 331 Fluid Dynamics, ME 311 Thermodynamics I, ME 312 Thermodynamics II, ME 413 Turbomachinery, ME 431 Aerodynamics, ME 440 Finite Element Analysis, ME 415 Heat Transfer, ME 421 Design of Machine Elements, ME 451 Automatic Controls

Art Electives

ART 111 Drawing I, ART 121 Design I, ART 231 Painting I

Formula SAE Senior Project

Fall 2007 to Summer 2008

Our 5-engineer team designed, fabricated, and built a miniature formula-style race car around a Yamaha R6 600 mL engine. We then tested and raced it at California Speedway in a week-long friendly competition.

I helped implement the aero, brakes, cockpit, suspension arms, and nose crash zone.

Rockwell Collins Internship

Summer 2007

I designed a gyroscope for mounting aircraft radios and rotating them on all axes. It was 3 feet in diameter and the radios were as heavy as 40 lbs. It was a final test fixture to test the radios for internal vibration before they were shipped to customers.

SigEp Fraternity

Spring 2004 - Spring 2008

This fraternity was different. It provided a crash course in personal development, etiquette, business meetings, business structure, and leadership methods. We also dominated the Greek system in intramurals and GPA.

I served multiple positions on the Exec Board and completed four of the five steps in the Leadership Continuum. Experiences in the fraternity led to my hobby in web design as well as founding my own upstart company.


Pencil Illustration

My primary medium of artwork from elementary school through undergrad

Oil Paint

A fantastic undergrad course, taken my senior year at SDSU, added oil paints as one of my primary mediums of artwork.

Graphic Design

After learning Photoshop, and later Illustrator, graphic design became one of my favorite things to do during free time.

Logo Design

Logos are one of my favorite things to design.